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Spa Accessories


Pedicure accessories are essential to the spa experience. In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your space, they simplify your process, boost efficiency, and ensure you provide a superior service to your clients every time.
Our selection of spa accessories includes treatment dishes, pedicure carts, carrying cases, and signature footrests for upscale spa experiences that allow you to offer more services and build brand loyalty.

Artfully Designed Accessories
We're committed to purpose-driven design and create products that elevate your brand, your business, and allow you to serve your clients better. Pedicure and manicure accessories, like our treatment dishes, carts, carrying cases, and footrests, allow you to expand your services while never detracting from the beautiful aesthetic you've created.

Buy Luxury Spa Uniforms through Noel Asmar Uniforms
We know a stylish pedicure bowl is only part of the overall spa experience you provide to your clients. What you wear as a uniform is just as important. Elevate your brand with a sleek, polished, professional uniform from Noel Asmar Uniforms. Our award-winning pieces come in a range of styles, sizes, and fabrics keeping you comfortable and confident from your first appointment to your last.

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