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Hand-Hammered Copper

Noel Asmar Copper Footrest for Pedicure Bowl
Noel Asmar Copper Footrest for Pedicure Bow
Noel Asmar Copper Footrest for Pedicure Bow
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Complete your pedicure station experience with a hand-hammered metal foot rest. The half-moon design covers a portion of the pedicure bowl allowing one foot to remain soaking in the bowl, while the other foot rests above for your deluxe treatment. 
This luxurious copper footrest carries natural imperfections due to it’s handcrafted process, making each footrest one-of-a-kind.
• Luxurious and modern look and feel
• Durable and functional
• Fits any of our hand-hammered metal bowls
• Does not fit our resin bowl collection*
• Covers 1/3 of your hand-hammered metal bowl
The hand-hammered copper pedicure foot rest is designed to match perfectly with your Hammered Copper Bowl. This item is not compatible with any of our Resin Pedicure Bowls.
Care: You may use a brass polish to treat your footrest to help retain the original color. Tarnishing is a natural phenomenon of brass metal. For a deep clean use a mild bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water), or hospital grade disinfectant. Use a non-abrasive brush or clean sponge. We do not recommend citronella cleaning products, lemon oil, straight bleach or Barbicide. All Pedicure Bowl products must be cleaned well after use of salts, otherwise residue may oxidize and rust. 
Our bowls are artisanal hand-finished products which may cause minor imperfections with each bowl. 

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