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You Can Plumb Your Pedicure Bowl (But Maybe You Shouldn’t)

You Can Plumb Your Pedicure Bowl (But Maybe You Shouldn’t)
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We get it, the idea of a permanent pedicure station is appealing—everything in one place, organized, turn on the tap and go. But what if that wasn’t the best way to provide pedicure services and treatments?

Why shouldn’t I plumb my bowl?
Our pedicure bowls and accessories are all designed around one premise: made to be mobile so you can spa anywhere. Be it poolside on vacation, in-room treatments at a hotel, or at a private VIP party, the ability to transport your materials with you is key and opens the door to additional opportunities to serve clients and create unique, memorable experiences.

With hygiene and cleanliness even more top of mind than ever before, portable pedicure bowls are extremely easy to clean, making them the epitome of low maintenance luxury. Simply wash the bowl with a mild bleach solution (3 parts water to 1 part bleach) and wipe down with a soft sponge, cleaning cloth, or non-abrasive cleaning brush. There’s no need to worry about cleaning jets and drains and no need to spend more money on harsh cleaning products.

How do I move my bowl?
Transporting your pedicure bowl is easy with carrying cases and pedicure carts.

Carrying cases let you store additional supplies, like towels, in the bag and the zippered pocket inside the lid keeps smaller tools and implements close at hand and all in one place. The durable case protects your bowl and includes a practical shoulder strap making it easy to tote with you from appointment to appointment.

Pedicure carts allow you to transport a full bowl, across any distance, without worrying about spills or splashes. Carts are lightweight and feature wheels that lock securely in place when required. With a matte finish and modern design, they support any Noel Asmar style pedicure bowl—hand-hammered or signature resin—and add a subtle, elegant touch to any spa space or set up.

What if I really want to plumb my bowl?
Signature Resin Pedicure Bowls can have a drain installed allowing for plumbing hookups. Any plumbing work should be done by a licensed, experienced professional to ensure proper drainage and installation. Plumbing and other modifications are done at your own risk.

With a range of pedicure bowls and accessory options to suit any style and enhance any experience, get ready to grow your business, pamper your clients, and spa anywhere.


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