What to Expect in 2024 – Interior Design Trends for Salons & Spas

What to Expect in 2024 – Interior Design Trends for Salons & Spas

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Interior design in the spa and salon industry is dynamic, reflecting cultural trends and consumer preferences for immersive experiences. Businesses in this sector are at the forefront of embracing exciting interior design trends.

Predicting these trends involves examining adjacent industries, such as home design, to identify broader patterns. Good Housekeeping magazine anticipates major home interior trends for 2024, including statement wallpaper, bold hues, striking tiles, brass accents, unapologetic lighting, and architectural details like woodgrain and fluted elements.

Alternatively, trends can be anticipated by looking at developments within spa and salon services themselves. Pantone, for instance, has released its color of the year for 2024, "Peach Fuzz," described as a hue that embodies a yearning for closeness and connection. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™ shares, “We chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.”

For more specific insights into spa and salon spaces, turning to experts is key. Spa Consultant Leah Crump, specializing in innovative design, shares her excitement for the upcoming trends in 2024. 

“Expect a shift towards richly saturated color palettes and textures, moving away from neutrals,” says Leah Crump.

She emphasizes the shift towards richly saturated color palettes and textures, moving away from neutrals, sharing “Wellness spaces have always focused on serene, beautiful environments, and the modern spa-goer has now become more curious about enriching the senses through design. 

“We’re no longer staying exclusively with neutrals – you’ll see rich sunset and natural earthy tones, organic modern vibes, and a playful infusion of nature at every turn. We want our discerning spa guests to truly feel like they are out in the most beautiful, vivid natural environments.”

“Texture is about to play a significant role in the spa experience.”

Leah thinks texture is on deck in a big way in 2024, explaining, “Texture is another high-impact element to add to the sensorial experience.

“For example, Noel Asmar Pedicure hammered copper pedicure bowls for the nail bar is a visually stunning choice and feels incredibly unique to the touch. These gorgeous bowls are quite lightweight, allowing for mobile pedicure rituals to take place in a variety of locations if desired. Another way to add texture is through lighting – layering it, playing with a variety of color tones, light bulbs, and moods.”



“Be on the lookout for textiles and collaboration opportunities wherever you go!”

Leah encourages drawing inspiration from textiles and collaborating with local artists for custom designs, advising owners to, “seek inspiration from textiles wherever you go! Oftentimes, a collaboration is possible.”

She continues, “I have worked with many local-to-location artists to bring an idea to life. I once commissioned a textile print artist to create delightful custom pillow covers and shower curtains, and the spa, in turn, sold her work in the retail shop. We’re currently bringing to life a custom commission with South Texas-based Far West, based on my love for a particular robe they make. We’re going to bring in that fabric to the spa service rooms as treatment table coverlets.” 

This allows you to a create space that is not only true to your style, but that is also unique and authentic for guests.



And finally, “Expect a Prioritization of Function, always.”

Always advising her clients to take a function-forward approach toward considering their designs, Leah expects this function to continue to lead the way in good designs in 2024. She explains, “The best advice I ever got was to only select pieces I love (or my client will love), that fit the function I desire. The design ethos of a spa should be an expression of the identity of the spa. Of course, comfort is the number one priority, and from there, ask yourself ‘Does this make sense? Does this have function?’”


Leah’s insights emphasize the importance of design and recognize the power of a compelling space to impact a guest’s experience. As we anticipate the unfolding of these trends in 2024, one thing is clear – the spa and salon spaces are poised to offer guests not just a service but an immersive journey through thoughtful, innovative, and personalized design. The fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and a commitment to enriching the senses marks an exciting chapter in the ongoing evolution of interior design within this dynamic industry.

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