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Finding Your Spa and Salon Décor

Finding Your Spa and Salon Décor
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Spa décor can have a big impact on your business. It sets the tone for how your clients feel when they visit you and becomes an integral part of your overall brand. But how do you design a functional, beautiful, relaxing spa space? It all starts with a little inspiration. Whether it’s a color palette you fawn over, a material or texture you love, or simply a mood you want to recreate, inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere.

Pick your colors
One of the most common ways to start the design process is to pick a color, or colors, that you’re drawn to. Can’t decide? Start with black and white and add small accents and pops of color as you continue creating your space. Or pick several shades of one color for a trendy tone-on-tone look.

Pick your materials
Our pedicure bowls and accessories come in signature resin and hand hammered metal varieties to complement any décor and spa aesthetic. Signature Resin Bowls are available in several limited-edition colors, as well as timeless Onyx black, Frost white, Luna soft grey, and rich Espresso brown.

Hand-hammered metal bowls and accessories come in stainless steel or copper, with or without a colored powder coating. The bowls feature an elegant texture as a result of the hammering process used to make them, adding a natural look and feel. Choose from coordinating footrests and carts or mix and match for a unique color combo that sets your space apart. All our pedicure bowls fit easily in our pedicure carts and carrying cases so no matter what you choose, you can spa anywhere.

Pick a smell
Scent is powerful. It can easily trigger memories and help your clients relax during their treatments. But scent can also be a source of inspiration as you create your spa space and define your style. Do you like something floral and light? Spicy and warm? Do certain smells help you envision your dream space? Try lighting scented candles during the design process and enjoy the power of the aromas as you build your business and your brand.

Inspiration is all around you, so wherever you find it, follow it and enjoy the results as you define your own beautiful, unique style. Ready to show it off? Be sure to tag us in your pics on social media so we can share your space with our followers and inspire other spa professionals.


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