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Signature Pedicure Bowl - Luna

Signature Pedicure Bowl - Luna
Signature Pedicure Bowl - Luna
Signature Pedicure Bowl - Luna
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Design and create your own custom pedicure station with ease when you choose a Signature Pedicure Bowl. Built from lightweight resin, our pedicure bowls are recyclable and give you the flexibility to change your decor or create a relaxing oasis on the go. 

Inspired by the calming and transformative color of the moon, Luna is a soft grey shade and the perfect complement to other colors and decor. It pops brightly when paired with our white pedicure cart, and reflects deeper shades when paired with black. Use the Luna Signature Pedicure Bowl with a matching Footrest in Luna for a relaxing and tranquil experience.

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits Men's Foot Size 14US
  • Convenient side handles and safety fill line
  • BPA and toxin-free
  • Weighs approx.: 7lbs (3.20 kg)
  • Made in North America
  • Pre-designed with plumbing capabilities for permanent installation*
  • Dimensions approx: 18.375” (46.5cm) wide top rim, 13.75” (35cm) wide base x 7.5” (19cm) depth.

*The bottom of the bowls have a slight slope towards the center to help facilitate drainage, pebble like texture on the bottom plus a smooth area that highlights where a hole can be cut out. We recommend that a large drain be applied and that a qualified plumber be used for installation. Noel Asmar Group is not responsible for any modifications to the pedicure bowls once purchased. 


    Composition: Plastic Resin

    Care: In order to retain the clean and crisp look of your resin bowl we recommend caring for your bowl with a mild bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water) and a non-abrasive brush or clean sponge. We do not recommend citronella cleaning products, lemon oil, straight bleach, or Barbicide as these products dull the finish and cause the resin to become brittle. Once you feel your pedicure spa bowl has lived its life with your salon please be sure to recycle.

    *A qualified plumber should be used for installation and Noel Asmar Group of Companies is not responsible for any modification to the pedicure bowls once purchased.

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