5 Steps to Wearing your Noel Asmar Mask Safely

Before we get started, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after putting on your mask. Use soap and water for 20 seconds. Sing the alphabet song and you’ll be clean by the letter z.

Step 1 - Hold the Straps

Avoid contaminating the inside of your mask by handling your mask with the straps.

Step 2 - Face it Outwards

Ensure your mask is facing outwards to avoid getting any bacteria on your face.

Step 3 - Adjust the Straps

Customize the elastic straps to fit comfortably around your head.

Step 4 - Pinch the Nose Band

Pinch the bendable top edge of the mask around the bridge of your nose for the perfect fit.

Step 5 - Cover your Chin

Secure the bottom of the mask under your chin so your nose and mouth are totally covered.

And remember, keep it on or off. Don’t rest your mask on your chin or forehead, always keep the same side out, and don’t touch it until you’re ready to remove it.


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