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White Padded Footrest for Resin

White Padded Footrest for Resin
White Padded Footrest for Resin
White Padded Footrest for Resin
Only a few24 left!

We have high standards at Pedicure Bowls by Noel Asmar. But we also have a deep passion for sustainability. When products aren't perfect, we offer an opportunity for them to be useful at a discounted price rather than disposed of.

Due to manufacturer defects, some of the white padded footrests have slight to moderate imperfections. So, we’re giving them to you for over 50% off. You can take pride in knowing you've given a comfortable padded footrest a second chance, and saved a little money, too. Every hand-finished footrest is sold as is, some with stretch marks where the material is wrapped, some with slight speckling in the fabric. 
Please note that all imperfect purchases will be final sale.

•Luxurious and modern look and feel
•Marine grade faux leather material – durable and resistant to saltwater environments
•Comfortable and chic yet durable and made to last
•Covers 1/3 of your bowl
•Dimensions Approx: 18.75" (47.5 cm) length, 7" (18 cm) Width, 3.5" (8.75 cm) Height  •Weighs Approx: 2.45 Lbs (1.110 kg)
•Designed for resin bowls ONLY: not interchangeable with metal bowls
•These items are hand-finished and therefore may have minor imperfections 

In stock and ready to ship.

Care: Wipe clean with a moist cloth or wash with a dampened sponge in liquid soap and rinse. For a deep clean use a mild bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water), or hospital-grade disinfectant. Use a non-abrasive brush or clean sponge. We do not recommend citronella cleaning products, lemon oil, straight bleach, or Barbicide. For polish spills, simply wipe with water immediately. Do not leave harsh chemicals on the material for extended periods.


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